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    Phone: (919) 391-3408

    Hours: Monday - Friday from 9:00 am - 4:30 pm
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    Audibel is American owned and operated. We are founded on two simple truths-that hearing is a vital sense that plays a significant role in your quality of life and that hearing loss affects everyone uniquely. That’s why we work to solve hearing problems one individual at a time.

    We are a proud part of the largest and only American owned and innovated hearing aid company. We've been proudly providing better hearing as individualized as the people who wear our hearing aids with the following services:

    • On-site parking

    • Wheelchair accessible


    "Dear Ms. Floyd: This letter is for the purpose of expressing my appreciation for the professional care you have given me.  I have been wearing hearing aids for twenty-five years and have never before experienced the level of interest in solving my hearing problems that I have received from you.

    I will happily recommend you every chance I get."  - David H. Sharpe

    "Thank you so much for your ongoing help, care and service with regard to my hearing and my devices. You're very personal yet professional approach makes so much difference to my satisfaction. Yes, I visit from Melbourne, Australia, and choose to use you as my audiologist and hearing aid supplier. Initially this was price related, but now I would not consider changing as I have never experienced service at the level you provide. The hearing aids are comfortable and effective, and the very simple training you have given me, plus the small array of parts means that I can easily keep them operational while I am back in Australia. thank you very much for fitting me with excellent aids. These have enabled me to continue an ongoing business and social life without fear of missing or mis-hearing conversations." - Jeremy Drew.