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A- has made great language leaps through your amazing instructional techniques. You have given him so much confidence and the gift of expression through communication. I have also learned a lot from you and I will be forever grateful for all you’ve done for my son. Thank you.
— E.M., August 2016
We are SO thankful for you and what you did for S-‘s speech, what is it now….2 years ago this August. He is without speech impediment. He sang in Conspirare Youth Choir this year and even had a solo. Because of CYC, S- got to sing in a youth choir at the Austin City Limits Moody Theater with Christopher Cross in January. Is the lead lawyer in his mock trial project at his middle school. And just got hired to be the boy soprano at a performance at the Victoria Bach Festival to sing with the Austin Chamber Music Center. I’m just so happy for all he learned from you. It was a special time in our lives, coming to your office. And now…at my office…I even have playing right now the Eric Satie CD that you had at your office. It brought me such peace then. And it brings me peace now.
— A.H., May 2016

BD Therapy | Brenda P. Davis, M.S., CCC-SLP

Licensed Pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist, Certified Member of American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, Licensed to practice speech-language pathology in North Carolina and Texas, Specializing in pediatric speech therapy for children with a variety of special needs:

Expressive Language
Oral Motor
Receptive Language
Tongue Thrust

Meet the Therapist

Brenda Davis received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Master of Science in Speech/Language Pathology from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She has worked with patients with a variety of handicapping conditions such as cerebral palsy, Down Syndrome, cleft palate, autism, Cornelia deLange Syndrome, phenylketonuria, Angelman Syndrome, Velo-Cardio-Facial Syndrome pervasive developmental delay, as well as, speech and language delays and tongue-thrust. She has worked as a speech-language pathologist for more than 25 years with experience in preschool classrooms, school-based special needs classes, Head Start, home-based care, a craniofacial clinic, university research projects and private practice.

Brenda Davis holds national certification (Certificate of Clinical Competence) from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association as well as a license to practice speech therapy in North Carolina and Texas. She is a member of the North Carolina Speech-Hearing and Language Association and the Texas Speech and Hearing Association. Previously, she held leadership positions with the Austin Area Association of Speech-Language Pathologists, North Carolina Speech-Hearing and Language Association, and the Orange County Preschool Interagency Council and held various volunteer positions in public schools, youth sports and scouts.