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Outdoor Movie with a Special Screening from Sony Pictures, Breaking Legs

All are invited to Special Screening from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment "Breaking Legs." 
Friday, June 1st from 8:30-10:00 PM

About BREAKING LEGS: A High School Dance Movie

“Breaking Legs” follows a young girl who moves to a small town after the death of her mother. Now under the guardianship of her uncle, she is forced to adjust to the limitations a small town has to offer a blossoming dancer. She’s faced with no outlet for dance study, other than the high school dance team – lead by whom will soon become her arch nemesis at R. Murray High. Our girl will have to overcome a lot to get to dance – but she’ll do it even if she has to break a leg.

Genre: Dramedy, coming of age
Studio: Ditch Pitchures
Directed By: Mark Marchillo
Written By: Mark Marchillo
Screenplay By: Mark Marchillo
Produced By: Micah Brandt (Producer)

2016 - Telly Award - Best Feature Film - Non-Broadcast Entertainment
2016- Young Entertainer Award - Best Young Ensemble Cast
2016 - Young Artist Award - Best Female Lead Actress (ages 14-21) - Liv Southard

Chris Kattan
Lee Meriwether
Richard Riehle
Liv Southard
Aaron Landon
Alexa Sutherland
William Leon
Sarah Rochelle
Lizz Carter
Maria Pallas
Mark Marchillo
Vincent Van Hinte
Timothy Brennen