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Sunday Music: Wyatt Easterling

Growing up in Chapel Hill, NC, Easterling released his debut album, Both Sides of the Shore, on Moonlight Records (Warner Bros.) in 1981. With his album tucked under his arm, he moved to Nashville. While looking for another record deal, he wrote for various song publishers until 1990 when he became head of A&R for Atlantic Records Nashville. 

That same year, he wrote and sang on This Time I'm Takin' My Time for Neal McCoy's album, At This Moment.   This collaboration launched more than 2 decades of gold and platinum winning releases with Easterling acting as songwriter, producer, and/or session player. Wyatt's partnership with Miles Copeland (The Police & Sting) Bugle Publishing Group and Firstars Management occupied him in the late '90s and early 2000s.

Wyatt's next step was to work on his own writing with songs like his title track for Dierks Bentley's chart-topping, million-selling album, Modern Day Drifter, followed by his own critically acclaimed album Where This River Goes released on High Horse Records on May 4, 2009.

"In Nashville, there's nothing a songwriter likes better than a co-writer with a broken heart." A quote Easterling laughingly coined. "You can really mine that for great stuff. That said, I had been going through some major life changes myself and had my own stuff to mine. In the process of writing songs I discovered, for the umpteenth time, that life is about facing change and embracing it.” With that as a backdrop, Wyatt’s 2014 release, Goodbye-Hello was launched.

“As my 2014 album began to come into focus - it dawned on me that I'd been writing songs about my own transitions - some good moves like kicking the smokes and the booze, some happy times and some sad goodbyes,… songs about people coming and going, songs about living and one or two about dying." The songs and performances on Goodbye-Hello are rich with wisdom, acceptance and optimism. "I must say it's the most personal album I've recorded to date."