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Thursday Music: Eric Meyer

I have always been moved to create. This led me to immerse myself in numerous endeavors including photography, theater, computer programming, and music. I played guitar in high school but took what ended up being a 20-year hiatus. In 2008, inspired by listening to local musicians, I decided that I wanted to play music again. I studied guitar with Jon Shain and Kevin Van Sant, but my journey into bass began almost by accident. I was playing guitar at a blues jam in 2011, and the bass player had to leave early. I said, “I know nothing about playing bass, but I will give it a try.” Playing bass felt very intuitive to me. In 2012, I bought an upright bass and began lessons with Robbie Link.

For me playing music is about collaboration - both with other musicians and with an audience. I welcome opportunities for collaboration, and enjoy playing a wide variety of genres of music.