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Wellness Wednesday with Southern Village Acupuncture and Herbology - Boost Fertility With Acupuncture

Wellness Wednesday will be located at Southern Village Acupuncture and Herbology from 3-4pm.

310 Kildaire Road, Suite 104

Chapel Hill, NC 27516.

Southern Village Acupuncture & Herbology is located around the corner from Weaver Street Market. Look for the black canopy in the middle of the block just past construction.

Boost fertility with acupuncture

When it comes to fertility treatment, even modern reproductive doctors will order acupuncture, the ancient healing art, to boost the successful rate of their treatments. Dr. Li Lin, from Southern Village Acupuncture and Herbology, will explain how infertility is viewed from a Traditional Chinese medicine perspective, talk about how it is treated, answer your questions, and share some of her success stories.

About Southern Village Acupuncture and Herbology

Founded in April, 2012, Southern Village Acupuncture and Herbology is conveniently located in Southern Village, in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Our patients come to us from Chapel Hill, the surrounding communities and from other states.

We have treated many different conditions, from those as simple as the common cold to some so complex that allopathic medicine has difficulty diagnosing or treating them.

Southern Village Acupuncture and Herbology offers acupunctureChinese herbal medicinecupping therapythermal therapy and lifestyle recommendations.