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Wellness Wednesday with Center of Motion - Regaining full use of your neck

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Wednesday, April 19, 4-5 pm, Village Green

FREE Interactive Event

Do you wake with a stiff neck? This class will give you access to the deep joy of a liberated neck--all it takes is your attention to some very surprising details! Center of Motion will help you get full use of your neck on the Village Green. 


Center of Motion offers solutions to people of all ages who want less pain and more agility, balance, power, and speed. Clients learn to become connoisseurs of their own movement.  They learn to cultivate a deep awareness of all of their movement and postural habits. Clients become masters of their own motion and motivations, and learn to self-organize all of their bones, joints, muscles and soft tissues for intention and purpose.

Candy Conino is a physical therapist (UNC-CH ’83) and a Feldenkrais® teacher. She specializes in treating people with complex pain and movement disorders. In 1992 she decided that standard rehabilitation efforts were not quite enough, and began her professional study of movement and awareness. She's been in private practice since 1995, working with people of all ages and abilities to restore them to pain free balance, grace, and power.

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