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Maze Financial Planning
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Chapel Hill, NC 27516


Guiding our clients financial freedom
Our Mission at Maze Financial Planning is to proactively guide our clients through the maze toward their achievement of their personal goals with customized management wealth strategies. 

Achieving success by working together
We strive to serve our clients through the financial planning process through deep and meaningful relationships that last for generations. 

About Maze Financial Planning
After being a CPA for 25 years, Bill Bunch founded Maze Financial Planning in 2006 due to tax clients requesting Bill to provide financial planning advice. Since then, Maze has been providing clients with long-term goals, access to evidence-based asset class investment options. We are Fee-Only and held to the Fiduciary standard. We are a family business, father and son, who serve clients principally in Chapel Hill, NC and The Research Triangle.

Our specialties are as follows:
Wealth Management
Retirement Planning
Portfolio Management
Risk ManagementBusiness
Planning Strategies
Legacy and Estate Planning
Managing Special Needs Trusts
Retirement Plan Solutions