600 Market Street G10
Chapel Hill, NC 27516
Office Hours:
Monday & Thursday 10 AM -6 PM
Phone (and text): 919-402-7058

Email: mrcdur@emetabolic.com
Website: https://www.emetabolic.com/
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Metabolic Research Centers have been helping people lose weight for more than 25 years.  We still believe in the basic principles upon which we were founded;individual, personalized service and real, whole food.

We offer a variety of menu plans, based on the individual needs and preferences of our clients.  Our weight loss coaches meet regularly and one-on-one with our clients to offer support, guidance, motivation, and accountability.  Our menu plans offer a variety of food choices and our cookbook helps clients incorporate those foods into delicious recipes.  Our centers offer a variety of classes and activities to keep clients educated and engaged throughout their weight loss journey.  Our goal has always been to not only help our clients lose weight, but to keep it off. Our Healthy Living program follows the weight loss phase and is designed to teach our clients to employ healthy eating, exercise, and behavioral changes needed to maintain a healthy weight.