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410 Market Street, Suite 330
Chapel Hill, NC 27516

Founded in 2012, Southern Village Acupuncture and Herbology is conveniently located in Southern Village, in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Our patients come to us from Chapel Hill, the surrounding communities and from other states.

Li Lin, PhD, LAc. Dr. Lin, owner and Acupuncturist for Southern Village Acupuncture & Herbology,  has been trained in both modern pharmaceutical sciences and traditional Chinese medicine.

Many different conditions, from the common cold to some so complex that allopathic medicine has difficulty diagnosing or treating, are treated at Southern Village Acupuncture & Herbology,  

The treatment modalities provided include acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, cupping therapy, thermal therapy and lifestyle recommendations.  

Southern Village Acupuncture & Herbology  believes that a client's  health is the most important concern, and safety a top priority. The careful attention to health and safety are prioritized throughthe use of single-use sterile acupuncture needles and by providing lab-tested high-quality herbs from trusted sources.